Tailored to where you’re at in your scaling journey.

TeamScaler helps companies build teams quickly and cost-effectively via our subscription model.   We can search for the needle in the haystack, bringing you that one critical hire or work along side you as your full time embedded recruitment partner.


For companies at any stage

… looking for business-critical or senior executive hires using extensive search capabilities


For high-growth companies 

… looking to add recruiting or sourcing capability to really scale your teams at speed


“TeamScaler as a Service”

TaaS is our full strategic partner service, we guide you through all of your hiring issues, from ATS implementation, onboarding and payrolling overseas talent

What happens when you partner with TeamScaler?

We use data driven research to match company expansion plans with candidates’ backgrounds and aspirations, paying close attention to the cultural fit. Our investment in the latest platforms help you attract and retain ambitious global talent – whether it’s local or remote.

Take a look at how this typically happens and how much of the pain and process we can effectively take off your hands whilst also saving you significant money using our retained services model.


Book a virtual meeting to understand what you’re trying to achieve with new hires to help us create an accurate hiring roadmap with realistic deliverables and explicit priorities


Complete a 30 minute briefing call with your hiring managers to clarify targeted skill-sets, personalities and other relevant hiring criteria


Write compelling job descriptions to update your website careers section


Construct a candidate sourcing strategy and initiate the process


Create all of our tracking/hiring on google and configure access control for roles, candidate submissions and progress via pre-agreed hiring KPIs


Schedule a weekly, 30-60 min hiring update call to discuss progress/receive feedback and agree next steps


Assist you with setting up Calendly diary slots for interviews


Screen candidates via calls and video and book the best selections into the Calendly slots


Complete all reference checks and onboarding documentation for the identified candidates


Complete correspondence with all applicants and extend offers to suitable candidates

Average time to hire
Total client savings in 2021
Successful placements in 2021


TeamScaler are an integral part of our business. Not only have they built and scaled multiple teams Internationally, they have helped us define our employer brand proposition, gave us crucial market intelligence and kept us hyper competitive in the war for talent.

Darragh McArt, CEOSonrai Analytics Limited

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